A Wrinkle in Time: Young Meg Murry is an oddball at school and, what's more, her scientist father disappeared and hasn't been heard from in two years.

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In this online course, you'll build important academic skills in reading, writing, vocabulary, and critical thinking, while also enjoying an engaging adventure story that will keep you entertained right to the final page.

Long before Star Wars or Hunger Games, Madeleine L'Engle broke new ground when her award-winning novel A Wrinkle in Time put a female character front and center in a work of science fiction. Meg Murry's quest to find and rescue her missing father tests her physically and emotionally, while also teaching her the true power of friendship and love. The novel's enduring popularity stems from its honest exploration of the many challenges of coming of age, earning it a spot on the Top 100 Chapter Books of All Time compiled by School Library Journal.